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Our approach
How we work

Given the characteristics of the projects concerned, our assignment can be compared to the making of a made-to-measure suit. The distinctive characteristics of each company will determine the content, tools, steps and objectives of each project.

However, in most cases, our involvement follows a common process that can be adapted to the characteristics of each project.




In the event that the project requires a preliminary evaluation of the company’s situation and a prioritizing of the areas that require urgent intervention, a preliminary analysis will be developed in order to assess the current situation of the company and evaluate different lines of work. The results are submitted to the senior management of the company for discussion and approval.   Once the priority areas of work have been defined as a result of the previous analysis or following a pre-defined outline of the project, we will develop a comprehensive analysis of all aspects involved in the business, namely the definition of detailed working plans, specific actions to be taken, deadlines, resources and intended goals.   Consistent with our hands-on approach, our work does not end with the identification of actions to be developed. Direct support to the company management team is provided for their implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation. Our role ends once the action plans have been implemented and the management team of the company is in a position to provide proper continuity and monitoring.