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Brand Licensing

Brand licensing is an attractive opportunity for all the parties involved in the business:

For the Licensor, it brings additional income via royalties; it allows the leveraging of the marketing and communication budget on a diversity of products and companies; expands brand awareness and increases brand value, since it is recognized as such in a variety of businesses.

For the Licensee, it provides the opportunity to gain access to new consumers and to expand their existing business base, benefiting from the strong values of brands already in place.

The brand is one of main assets of any company. It is acknowledged by the consumers as being a key differentiating element that strongly identifies clear and appreciated values associated to the company.
Guaranteeing the proper use of brand image; the existence of a shared business vision; the establishment of proper control and follow up procedures; as well as a balanced economic framework, are some of the key factors for securing a successful and enduring relationship between Licensor and Licensee.
At Exsequor, we have extensive experience in the management of Brand Licensing, including: identification of licensing opportunities; definition of a proper relationship framework between Franchisor and Franchisee; analysis of the adequate operating structure; search and assessment of the suitable partners and management of the licensing agreement.